Current Investment Environment and Outlook - Q2 2020 - Investment Tragedies Ahead

The current environment tell us that long-term market returns will likely be around 4% (positive scenario) and not 6.6% per year.

Thus, if investors keep behaving like they did over the last 20 years, most of them should expect negative returns.

In that light, I wish to share what I find most important when it comes to investing to not only get to good returns, but perhaps to get even better returns than the market because all you need to do is the opposite of what the market, thus the average investor does.

The first step is to take a stock market crash as a blessing and not as a disaster because crashes increase your long-term returns.

Also, just apply common sense to investing, avoid risky stocks and invest in value. You will do good over the next 20 years and that is the only way to avoid the INVESTMENT TRAGEDY THAT LIES AHEAD FOR MOST PEOPLE and reach your financial goal.

Current Investment outlook video:

Investment Outlook and 4 Strategies

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