Stock Market Research Platform

In depth risk and reward analysis on various investment theses, from sectors to individual businesses with a clear explanation that should help you in your investment decision making process! Plus, my two portfolios!


My goal with this research/investing platform is to help with the complexity of one's investing process. I am not going to say 'investing made easy' because I don't really believe in that, but I am going to say: 'making the process of investing easier for you'.

The process of investing starts with having extra money, then with researching and following investing opportunities, understanding the risk and reward of those and figuring out how that risk and reward fits you personally.

By sharing my research, my portfolios, my transactions, explaining what to expect if buying the covered stocks at a moment in time, discussing why I do or don't do something, I hope to give valuable inputs to your investment process over time.

Video Overview Of The Platform

My research/investing platform is very simple:

  • There are my research investment theses and investing portfolios that summarise the core of what I do investing-wise.
  • The investment theses and individual stock research reports focus on explaining the risk and reward so that you can see how that fits your investing situation and goals.
  • The goal of my work is to make investing more approachable compared to the ivory tower that is Wall Street, so that you can make better informed financial decisions. By focusing on the risk side of things, I try to share what Wall Street doesn't because their incentive is to be bullish.
  • The core of my educational content is to explain how to better understand the investing process while the goal for the research reports is to best explain the investing risk and reward.
  • We are all different and have different risk tolerance levels and different investment goals, thus I can’t tell you what is a buy or not, I can just do my best to give my opinion so that you can see how it fits you at a certain moment in time. Anyway, there is a what to buy list explaining the risk and reward, but I always want to emphasize that when investing, there is always risk and reward.
  • To give better context to the above, I also show what I do with my money through the two portfolios that I manage where I send an email whenever I do something.

My Money & Portfolio

As an analyst I am required to disclose my ownership position in relation to the analysis so I disclose all that I do on this research platform. This is not intended to be any kind of financial advice or portfolio management service, it is just there to provide maybe more context to the educational part, research and at the end, like everything else, it is just my opinion. In that light, I manage the Research Platform Model Portfolio and the Sven Carlin Money Portfolio. I send an email whenever I make a transaction.

Model Portfolio

Launched in 2018 when the Research Platform was first launched. The strategy is to look for businesses to own globally and tending to be mostly fully invested except when I sense that it is wise to have a bit more of cash to take advantage of possible opportunities in the future. There is a small monthly addition made and that is usually invested each month as a process building of building portfolio positions over time. It is an interesting exercise in saving, investing, buying through thick and especially thin, long-term attitude and a global investment strategy. I consider this an educational experiment too. The performance from May 2018 till now (December 2022) is 16.6% per year and is in line with the strategy of buying and owning businesses globally that offer double digit returns from an earnings and growth perspective. Despite the relatively good performance over the last 4 years, I think the portfolio never looked better than now...

My goal with the Model Portfolio is to compound the small monthly amounts into something very significant and show how investing in a slow and steady way works. When launched in 2018, the goal was to compound at 12.5% or at a higher rate. Fortunately things are going a bit better and I hope that will continue, but anyway: 5,000 with 250 of monthly additions can turn into 170,691.27 with 8.5% per year, 281,807.72 with 12.5% per year and in case I do 16.5%, to 473,479.46. I will strive for the best, but all scenarios are good compared to the 65,000 investment over 20 years - that is the power of compounding.

For now, I am on the 16.5% line and I'll do my best to keep compounding on that line!!!

Sven Carlin Money

From January 2023 I have decided to invest 50% of the revenues I make from this Stock Market Research Platform and create a vehicle so I can reach my financial goals and build my financial freedom and independence vehicle. I disclose everything I do, but I wish this to be independent and personal, and thus there is no pre-set investment strategy. When I do something, I'll disclose it and also explain the why, from my personal situation. I've been investing for more than 20 years and did really well for myself. I managed my money on the platform in the form of a Lump Sum portfolio from Jan 2019 to August 2022 and the performance was in line with the strategy and model portfolio, around 17% yearly for the period. I've closed the Lump Sum portfolio to make my own investing more in line with my personal situation and restarted in January 2023.

I'll do my best to continue in line with the above where the core of what I am doing is to buy businesses that offer returns I am happy with no matter what the market does next. It is a form of value investing, where I am happy with the value I get for the price I pay at that moment. Then if the price goes lower, I am even happier as I can buy more, be it by reinvesting dividends, selling something where the price went higher than what I think the intrinsic value is for me, or just form the monthly additions. By showing what I do I also hope to add context to something that is perhaps even more important than what stock to buy, i.e. portfolio strategy, position sizing and position dynamics over time. Investing is a process of managing the bad and the good with the goal of making the good larger than the bad. Over the last 20 years I managed to do that well, I do my best to continue doing that.


Simple, whenever I make an update on research or portfolio transaction, I send an email.

Don't get scared by the curriculum below, it is almost 6 years of work, there is no need to read beyond the first topic or just start following and over time you will get a handle on the businesses that fit you best or the portfolios you get the most value from.

Course Curriculum

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  ALL BELOW IS SVEN CARLIN RESEARCH PLATFORM 1.0, all continues, just slowly transitioning to 2.0. over time
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  MODEL PORTFOLIO - Closed on 10 August 2022 - Performance since inception in May 2018 is 14.5% yearly!
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  Lump sum 100k core value investing portfolio (CLOSED ON AUGUST 10 2022 - Performance since inception January 2019 18.3% per year)
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  5G Investment Opportunities
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  Random Research - JUST NOTES - To compound over time as you never know!
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  Country Stock Analyses - Stock by Stock
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  Natural Gas - LNG - Pipeline Stocks Full Sector Analysis - Stock by Stock - Nov/Dec 2020
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  Businesses With Potential to Follow Over Time
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My Stock Market Research Platform is:

- For those looking for investing over the long-term through owing good businesses bought at a fair price.

- For those looking into portfolio management insights, to better understand position sizing and building over time.

- For those wanting to learn about long-term value investing in a practical way.

- For those wanting to get to the core of my investment ideas fast, and also understand the long-term investing process through two emails a month that succinctly explain only what you need to know.

- For those that don't have the time but want to know what they own and invest in - the reading time to read what I do is approximately 10 to 30 minutes every two weeks.


The price of the yearly subscription is $499 (local taxes like VAT or state sales tax are included). It is a yearly recurring subscription where you can cancel renewals anytime. Of course, as the content and research compound, I'll be increasing the yearly price but once you join, your yearly price is fixed forever.


Investment decisions are not easy to make so feel free to check things out, see whether this could fit your investing style and fill some of the needs you might have for investment opportunities over time. I don't think this is for everyone, so if not for you, simply contact me and ask for a refund within 21 days. [email protected]

Get started now!

For questions, please contact me here: [email protected]

Disclaimer: the information herein is not financial advice. All the information provided here is for education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness, or fitness for any particular purpose. The information contained in or provided from or through this website is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice. The information on this website and provided from or through this website is general in nature and is not specific to you the user or anyone else. You should not make any decision, financial, investment, trading or otherwise, based on any of the information presented on this website without undertaking independent due diligence and consultation with a professional broker or financial advisory.

"How I get value from the platform:

- Overall value investing mindset and look at the global market with a lot of focus
- No Wall Street noise / distractions and a clear investing strategy that aligns with my personal strategy
- Buy / sell notifications and insight into Sven Carlin's portfolio
- Opportunity to engage with Sven and ask questions is also of great value to me

- Subscriber for more than 3 years with very positive returns"

Roeland G.

"I really feel lucky to have found Sven and his research platform. The best thing he provided to me is time, the most valuable thing in life. Having him do the research and analysis gives me more time to focus on other things in my life, like developing a business and creating a bigger income that I can use each month to invest, and that will help me to reach my financial freedom one day. I really trust Sven, you can see he's different from others you find online. My only regret is that I started too carefully about my positioning in my portfolio, so I missed big opportunities, but after 2 years of investing with Sven I understand everything better and I feel more confident. Now I know that having Sven doing the "dirty job", I can sleep well and don't worry about my investments. "

Gianluca O.

"Being a member of Sven research platform helped me understand investment strategies with a perspective that I didnt have before, distracted by all the noise that media, financial advisors with beef in the game (fees) and mainstream way of thinking fed me every week. One of my best added value was stopping linear thinking and thanks also to Sven I did 5% more than what my (now former) financial advisor suggested me on a multiple year span. I trust him also because his return is not bound to what I do (he has no interest if I buy or not the stocks he analyzes) unlike other people who get returns on fund fees, investment fees or managed capital fees according to how I follow their suggestions!"

Andrea R.

"I have recently purchased the platform around a month ago and I can say I am incredibly impressed by the quality of the reporting and research. The reports give a clear vision and thesis that is easy to understand on where the businesses are going and the risk/reward of any potential investment. The new way it is set up provides value on many different levels as no matter what kind of investor you are there is something for you. As for education the platform has 100s of past reports on many different businesses and sectors that provide value. At £500 per year it is very cheap as for me personally it only has to increase my returns a lot less than half a % per year and I have no doubt it will do that probably a high multiple of that. However you do have to see if it’s worth the £500 for you as it’s all about how much capital you have to invest. I though am very happy and will continue to learn from Sven for the long term."

Joshua R.

"Sven brings value by explaining how stock /equity investing works and the discipline needed to reach your investing goals. Once you understand the process in buying undervalued companies with a long term goal, you really have no fear in investing.

Sven is also brutally honest about everything, which is what you want in a teacher.
I started investing just over 3 years ago, with about 50% return to date. Of Course these numbers are way above expectations, but it's the process that has value."

Seo B.

"Sven Carlin's research platform is unique in many ways. He is fully transparent, he is doing very systematic work and he is consistent. He also makes mistakes, but he is not affraid to admit them. He will send you somewhere else, if you are looking for something different and that is the ultimate proof, that this is not just another wanna-be influencer."

Matej Urbašík

"In the last 10 years I have read pretty everything on web sites, papers, stock brokers issue, newsletter, company presentations and investor letters and you know what I discover(of course after 10 years not before):99% of info is full of shit, interest, and bias.

On Sven platform I can read a transparent point view that help me better to split the bad from the good and choose better investments; if the input is better the output is better and so my returns"


"If you are not a full-time professional investor or analyst, 80% of your work is figuring out who to seek for advice and have as a mentor. Sven has not only provided great research and investment opportunities, but taught me how to think about risk and reward and develop my own investing journey. Stock picks are worth nothing if you don't have a sound process that works for YOU and lets you sleep well at night. Thanks to Sven, I sleep like a baby!"

Andrej D.

"Only Less than 2 years in the Research Platform. Got a lot of Knowledge and save me a lot of research time. I'm sure that it will help to my personal portfolio in the long term"

Ofer. O.

"I have been investing in businesses quoted on the Stock Market for almost 8 years. My process of thinking has improved a lot since I joined Sven Carlin research platform almost 3 years ago. Sven studies the least discovered businesses out there, giving throughout analyses, well balanced with the pros and cons of investing in it. Sven does not stick to the largest companies out there or a single country, knowing that a great business can be anywhere in the world and of any size. More importantly, Sven does not adhere to the Wall Street mantra of chasing risk and collapse on Financial Bubbles at the cost of clients. His analyses had produced immense material for us to make better decisions on the Stock Market.

I have a business in Portugal where I teach people how to invest and better manage their money, and Sven has been helping a lot in this regard. His knowledge had produced great returns for us all, about 13%/year annualized. By far, much better than most Wall Street analysts and bankers that only want clients commissions. Sven goes much further than this, highlighting the risks of investing on X or Y, and generating adequate returns for the measurable risk. I am a proud investor within Sven' community, and I will stick to his process and thinking for many years to come. Together, we grow better. Thank you for all you have produced, Sven."

Frederico Santarém - CEO of Investimentos Lucrativos Portugal

"After soon 3 years at the platform I'm very happy with the results, both from my portfolio perspective and from how much I've learned. Sven does through research that is easy to digest with a lot of value. Highly recommended!"

Leo H.

"I am a subscriber since the very beginning and never regret that.

I love the research, the independence, the transparency, the mindset and the ethics of Sven Carlin. I don't measure my performance but it definitely didn't hurt subscribing"

- Wannes VA.

"I, André M., have been a subscriber now for several years.

From 2015 until 2019 I switched gradually from investing in public equity to investing in single stocks. Having said that, there are only very few highly qualified persons out there without bias (like bank advisers) and are such highly skilled and educated like Sven. I love his in depth analysis and thoughts which are explained in a very entertaining and understandable way. Furthermore I do appreciate his very logical approach.
This kind of reasoning I only find with two other persons which explain their reasoning in such depths as Sven. These persons are fund managers of very concentrated long only public equity portfolios set up as hedge funds with minimum investment thresholds in the six or even seven digit area of minimum investments in Euro/US $. Furthermore they share their reasoning very late after the best moments of timing have already passed away.
Here are the reasons why I subscribed in a nutshell and why I would subscribe any time again:
1. It is very hard to sell or stay at least put if everybody is exuberant and it is equally hard to invest or keep invested if everybody is pessimistic or even in a total depressed mood: But this is easier for me or quite easy if you know a stock is dirt cheap or totally expensive. The in depth research helps me in these analysis.
2. With only one exception the timing of Sven is exceptional. If you follow his high conviction ideas out of approximately 10 cases he was only wrong one time according to my counting of the past years. For example I invested with Scatec Solar when he did and sold again when he did: Return over 100 % within less then a year.
3. He is highly concentrated which is furthermore accentuated with his new strategy. Why do I love just that: I have my own firm. This is all in all more than 50 % of my wealth. If you really understand a business (which means that you can at least see in several scenarios the development of the business within the next ten years), you have made sure that it is an excellent business at a reasonable or even cheap price, then it is for me with less risk to invest in 2-4 great ideas then in 10 or even 30 or more stocks.

All in all I estimate that Sven enhanced my performance by annually 5 %."

So I am looking forward to his next moves."

"I’m 26 and after a master degree in Quantitative Finance I work as a financial analyst in an Italian Pension Fund. I know Sven's opinion about pension funds and I share it, especially Italian ones. However somebody has to try to change things and moreover I do not think that I’ll stay where I am for a long period.

Therefore the research platform not only gives me a huge amount of advices on how to structure my personal investments but also it is an additional point of view on macro discussions (I obviously follow Sven's Youtube channel) that I can merge with my own point of view and use in work investments discussions with the financial Advisor of my pension fund.
Due to my age, I invest only since March 2020 and I have a performance just around 10% overall mainly due to a to soon and to heavy China exposure. However I’m happy to have learnt what I have learnt."

Michele G.

"Sono un abbonato alla piattaforma da 3 anni. Sono molto soddisfatto perché è un ottimo servizio per imparare a investire. Sven fa una ricerca approfondita su molte aziende. Non è da utilizzare come una piattaforma per copiare ciò che fa lui ma per studiare le sue ricerche e investire in ciò che si adatta al proprio modo di operare. Continuerò ad essere un abbonato perché mi aiuta a crescere dal punto di vista finanziario e ovviamente a guadagnare sui mercati."

Emilio C.

"my investing has improved greatly from Sven's research platform. The hours saved are many vs the cost. The value add of Sven and his research outweigh the cost to subscribe. I trend to use the research platform as idea generation attached with valuable filtering and initial research for my investing process"

- Menna G.

I’m a member of the research platform since 2019 if I am not mistaken. Since then, I learned and keep learning a lot from you.

The benefits from the platform, personally for me, are huge. Since I started I have approximately 70% return and currently all my savings are invested. My plan for the future is to keep investing everything I save. I am freelancer based in UK, I don’t have a pension, everything I save goes in to ISA. In short , I use the research platform as a guidance for my retirement J.

Krastin K.

"I am a very busy person with a 9-5 job that takes a lot of my energy. I love finance but I do not have the time to do research and most of all compare opportunities. After following Sven for years on YT I decided it was the service I was looking for. Transparent, everything he said he was going to do he actually did, honest from the very beginning and also very engaged with the community. We exchanged a few emails even before I subscribed to Sven's services and I really felt his passion. I would recommend his service to anyone who cannot spend the time researching, anyone who loves the DYI approach to investing and also anyone who is curious to know how an actual market research is executed. Sven takes away the pain of the research, shows us where his focus is and makes sure we understand the risk and rewards making sure the last investment decision is on us. For those looking to make money, this is not a get money quick scheme, it is not a buy what I buy platform, it is a research (as advertised) tool with a massive personal development kick as well"

Fabbri E.

Being in my 2nd-year subscription on the Research Platform, I am enjoying the peace of mind that I can concentrate on my job and make more money while Sven is doing the research presenting me with the risk/reward balance of each company to choose from. My portfolio includes a few choices from Sven's owned stocks and others he is still watching while I successfully pulled the trigger based on my analysis of his reports. Thank you, Sven!

Marian C.

"The platform helped in two ways: first, it showed how a professional analysis of a sector is made and of the individual investment opportunities therein. Secondly, it saved me a lot of money by teaching me to focus on the most important thing when it comes to investing: what can go wrong? As Buffett says: Don't Lose Money!!

Davor Šoštarić

"This research platform and Sven are giving me the coolness not to react on the market noise, but instead investing with a long term view into good businesses.

My performance is still to be optimised, because I have some side gambles as well :) and it would have been really good if I just followed Svens approach with all Russian stocks before the war…"

Ralf B.

"The research platform provides me with valuable insights and perspectives that help me become a better value investor. Sven's analysis helps me gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and valuations of different companies, as well as the overall market trends. I use this information to make investments based on my own goals and risk tolerance."

Razvan T.

I have been a subscriber to Sven’s Research Platform since May 2021. It allows me to build a
portfolio with value stocks that I would never have found myself. The extensive coverage of the
global market and detailed analyses of the different companies are very informative and provide me
the right information to make personal investment decisions. I’m really satisfied with the returns it
has provided me so far and if I had followed up Sven’s advice to sell my Russian stocks in time I even
would have done great during the difficult trading year 2022. Happy customer.
Marius B.