Intel (NYSE: INTC) Updated 08 November 2022

Intel's numbers still look terrible, but they still make cash, and invest that cash back. Debt will go a bit higher and numbers will still be ugly for a while. It is uncertain when and how much will this rebound, and if. If it does well, the stock will follow, if not, maybe it won't crash that much because at a market cap of $117 billion, the downside becomes limited, if we still think to use computers in the future.

Revenues will be down 20% for the year, which is a staggering number, and maybe the issue is that it wasn't guided last year, but just shocked all over the last few earning calls. To watch how the cyclical downturn in semis works for the structural issues Intel has and works on, the IDM 2.0 growth plan. But of course, the cheaper the better.

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